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To order an item Cadamuro Design
Fill in all the fields available even those not required, more information will be present, will be easier and safer shipping.
We recommend using the usual contact details (phone or email) to avoid errors and incidents.
Once we receive the order we will contact you by phone or e-mail, comunicandovi the total amount and the method of payment.
At this point you can choose the payment method from the following:
- Advance payment by bank transfer.
- PayPal - IF WE
- Cash on delivery - IF WE
- Money Order: Cadamuro Design S.n.c. - Via Triestina 9, 30024 Musile di Piave - (VE)

Transportation unless otherwise specified is fully borne by the Cadamuro Design and by courier, delivery is always by appointment; all these extra expenses are borne by Cadamuro Design.

Our courier makes deliveries to our customers by appointment on weekdays during office hours. If you can not find anyone at the address indicated for delivery, will leave a warning (in the letter box / on the door) and the goods will be kept at their local offices thus opening a stock.
After 8 days from the opening of the stock the goods return to automatic mode when at Cadamuro Design.
A refund of the amount paid, in the case of payments by bank transfer or credit card, (of course all the expenses for the no-load shipment will be charged before returning) It will take place within 15 days from making the actual return of the goods.
Immediately check that the package is intact, if not file claim with the transport document.
Once opened the package and noticed anomalies or breaks contact as soon as possible Cadamuro Design at Tel: +39.0421.33.18.24 - Fax: +39.0421.34.05.37 -
As long as the goods have not left the orders may be canceled or blocked, exclusively by e-mail by using always the same address used in the previous communications. (For safety, we recommend to warn by telephone).

The goods can be made within 8 working days of receipt of the product, it must be made by sending an e-mail to always using the same e-mail order. A refund of the amount paid (Of course all the expenses the costs will be subtracted from the amount to be repaid) materializes within 15 working days from the effective date of receipt.
The Cadamuro Design will accept complaints only within 8 working days of receipt of the goods, and if necessary will require delivery of digital photos via e-mail to evaluate the best method to solve the problem.
The goods must in any case be made with original packaging and in good condition, any damage or modification will be subtracted from the amount to be repaid.
For any information you can contact us at: Tel: 0421.33.18.24 or

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